Walk Boston

One of the first things I did on arriving in Boston was to acquire a copy of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s ‘Walk Boston’ book. This wasn’t deliberate, it just kind of happened.  I also got the ‘New England Day Trips’ book in the same transaction, but failed to buy shorts, which is what I really wanted on the day.


It’s a nifty little book, full of 1-4 hour walks around bits of Boston that start and finish at public transport points.  At this point, I’ve done about 6 of the walks and my book is already looking pretty battered. A lot of the pages have got murky marks on them where my sunscreened fingers have held pages open while I read about various churches, hiding places on the underground slave railroad or geological features like kettleholes.

I’m proud of myself for bringing my commuting backpack and bladder, as it has been enormously useful over the very hot part of summer as I have wandered around the city poking my nose into things.

I’ve also walked large chunks of the Boston Harbour Walk and the full stretch plus extras of the Freedom Trail. And I’ve done a huge amount of beach-side wandering in East Boston and Winthrop.

I’ve walked about 5-8km most days I’ve been in Boston. On occasion, I have not planned particularly well and ended up walking significantly further, which has not necessarily been the happiest thing to happen to my Achilles tendons.  I’m still having to do a lot more physio than I really wanted, but I am holding together remarkably well and looking forward to doing a lot more walking before I head out to directions Mexican.


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