Los Mochis and the Cañeros (Estadio Emilio Ibarra Almada)

And on to Los Mochis!

Los Mochis doesn’t seem to have a central bus station, so I didn’t quite know where I was going to urn up. And then I couldn’t find the taxi stand outside the Norte de Sinaloa bus terminal, so there was a bit of messing around to get to the hotel.  Frustratingly, the bus had stopped about 3 streets away on the same block on its way through town – but that’s what you get with no internet access on the bus and very little knowledge of town.

Hilariously, an occupied taxi did eventually stop for me – and it was occupied by the bus conductor, so that was really nice.  We had more of a chat and that was pretty fun.

The hotel had a laundry facility, which was very exciting for me.  I pretty much emptied my bag into the washing basket and wandered around town wearing the only two clean items of clothing I had left.  I didn’t get very far, just enough to get my bearings and find a coffee shop with free wireless and then collapse in the shade.

I just want to wear this somewhere. Anywhere. I don't care.

I just want to wear this somewhere. Anywhere. I don’t care.

Winter in Los Mochis is still pretty damn warm, with average highs around 30 degrees, so I was still sweating pretty hard.  Of course, a little closer to sunset the temperature started plunging, so I headed back to the hotel for yet another very welcoming reception and an evening of sitting around in the outdoor canteen chatting with Sara and her son Paul.  With the help of google translate.

I would say that it was around about here that I started getting the hang of the Sinaloa accent and at least figuring out what words were being said to me, even if I couldn’t figure out how to pronounce anything comprehensible back to people.

I spent Tuesday morning roaming around Parque Sinaloa and listening in on a school group’s introduction to the trees.

Seriscape, Parque Sinaloa

Seriscape, Parque Sinaloa

The park was really quite lovely and interesting.  I had to laugh at the eucalyptus tree they’d selected for the arboretum.  A Tasmanian mountain species.  Poor thing was huge, but completely eaten out by termites.  Sinaloa is not really the ideal place for a tree like that.


La Paz comienza con una sonrisa. These signs were even more common that Caneros signs. And people in Los Mochis smile a lot and are very friendly.

If it wasn’t so stinking hot over summer, I definitely would have considered staying and working here as well.  So many people went out of their way to talk to me in Los Mochis and make sure that I was having a good time and that I had everything I could possible need or want.

The Los Mochis Cañeros are the baseball team and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying their @verdesxsiempre twitter presence.

You're part of the team!

You’re part of the team!

As far as I can tell, they seem to have the slickest social media team and a really great promotional push.  One of the ways to identify a bus stop in Los Mochis is to find a streetside Cañeros billboard.  It’s a more reliable technique than looking for the actual bus stop signs, which have a tendency to disappear in all cities.

I expected that the game would be a lot quieter than the Sunday afternoon game, but Los Mochis was having NONE of that.  I just about had a heart attack when the banda started, having failed to see the band come in, having been watching the game.

This turned out to be a really enjoyable game to watch.  The starting pitcher for the Cañeros was really entertaining.  Started a bit rough, but pumped himself up and got it going.  Couldn’t help but want him to succeed when he was so riled up and expressive about it.  I think it was Ben Kozlowski, but that’s 100% relying on the box score to be accurate.


Just a small amount of preventative icing. Super-fun to watch AND recovering from injury(?). This guy just keeps getting more and more likeable.

I also heard my first English in a ballpark at Los Mochis.  I quote – “C’MON JAKE!  HIT THAT SHIT!”  Never spotted who called it out, though.   And I’m sad to say that while Jake had well and truly hit that shit in the 3rd, he was not doing it in the 7th.

Ballpark food – Once again I took it very easy.  I’d eaten properly at the motel, so I just had a papas snack. Potato chips and hot sauce, guys.  It’s the food of the Gods.


Was it wrong to eat 2 giant cups of this? Note – we can’t be friends anymore if your answer is ‘yes’.

Ballpark michelada senillo - lime, salt, beer.

Ballpark michelada senillo – lime, salt, beer.

The ballpark was easy to find, easy to buy tickets and easy to find my seats.  Team shop was accessible, welcoming and full of stuff, but pretty light on prices.

Leaving Los Mochis required hugs from the hotel and canteen staff.  Yeah.  Like I said. Spoiled rotten in Los Mochis!

Los Mochis - parque sinaloa - baby giant cactus

Baby sahuaro cactus

Los Mochis - parque sinaloa - agave

Agave (tequila) cactus

los mochis - parque sinaloa - dead gtree carving 1

Happy to meet you!

Carved tree stumps in Parque Sinaloa

Carved tree stumps in Parque Sinaloa


How many chins do I have? Who cares? I’m in Los Mochis watching the Caneros! (Perth Heat hat, Lowell Spinners shirt, Caneros team shop. Not at all baseball obsessed. Why would you say such a thing?)


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