ABL Roadtrip

I’ve always wanted to roadtrip across the Nullarbor, but the amount of time it takes and the pesky need to then drive BACK across the Nullarbor, or then pay for your car to be freighted on the Indian-Pacific while you fly home has always rather put me off.  It’s too long for a long weekend and not a trip on which I’ve ever wanted to use precious vacation time.

Given that I have been using baseball as my organising principle for the last couple of years of travelling, baseball will be my organising principle this time as well.  I’ll be checking out all of the Australian Baseball League teams at their homegrounds over the course of 3.5 weeks.  From here in Perth, I’ll be watching the Perth Heat on the 27th of December as the opening game of #ABLroadtrip.  Then it’s 2700km across the Nullarbor desert to Adelaide to see the nearest team, the Adelaide Bite.  I’m planning on taking about 4.5 days to get to Adelaide, and the rest to follow, in a row, as pretty as you please. Continue reading