ABL Season and Multi-game memberships – a comparison

We have a bigger, better, bolder 2015/16 ABL season schedule released and as anticipated, the next round of membership drive is happening across the clubs. Having been to them all, I rate them as:

  • Top atmosphere –  Brisbane Bandits and Canberra Cavalry are in front, with Perth and Adelaide chasing
  • Top food – Perth Heat and Brisbane Bandits (Melbourne’s really close too, some interesting choices, but not as many as ‘Dits and Heat. Simmo’s on its own is nearly enough to get Sox up in this category.)
  • Top location – Adelaide Bite
  • Feels most like a pro-ballpark – Sydney Blue Sox and Perth Heat (Melbourne’s close – I just… claustrophobia in the entryway and the hallway for the bathrooms)

So how do the membership options stack up in comparison?  I have a giant table that will be out of date by May 31 at the latest, when prices are rejigged the new draw.  So if you’re thinking about getting a membership, now is the time to do it.

It’s a little hard to compare apples with apples, as some clubs are advertising quarter and half season memberships, while other are talking in 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 game flexi-memberships depending on the day.  For my purposes, I will not be looking at wine-bar / beer-garden pricing. Here is the briefest of run-downs:

Adelaide Perth Melbourne Canberra Sydney Brisbane
Full child GA 60 120 70 110 100 130
Full child Reserve 220 90 210 160 175
Full adult GA 230 250 170 220 200 165
Full adult Reserve 295 440 220 335 360 250
Full Family (2+2) GA 495 610 375 550 500 600
Full Family (2+2) Reserve 910 450 880 880 800
Adult 3 games 60 50
Adult 4 games 60 60
Adult 5 games 55
Adult 6 games / quarter season 115 85 80 (GA) 120 (Res)
Adult 10 games 170 110
Half-season (12/14 games) 140 (GA) 220 (Res) 120 (GA)

Perth is consistently the most expensive in all areas except the 5 game taster-pack.  Perth also have a PEAK membership, which specifically caters to the Fri/Sat attendance patterns and is for those nights only.  Reserved adult $250, Reserved child $149, GA Adult $160, GA child $80.

Melbourne is the cheapest – I have all the best wishes in the world for Melbourne and I hope that the affordability of their offering will get more people out there.  Melbourne’s pricey offering is the 3rd Base Ground level seating, which runs at Adult $380, Child $175, Family $900.

Adelaide’s prices reflect the nature of watching baseball at that ground.  The atmosphere is unique and I personally find the idiosyncrasies of the ground utterly charming – but it’s definitely not a baseball stadium.  Adelaide has also instituted a reserved ‘Weekender’ membership at $200/adult.

Canberra is slightly more expensive than Sydney across the board.

Best deals – Perth’s 5 game flexi, Adelaide and Melbourne’s full-season kids GA, Melbourne’s Reserved Full season family, Brisbane’s Full season adult GA.

I bought a half season Reserved Blue Sox membership and a Perth 5-game flexi.  What are you going to buy?

**Information pulled from ABL ticketing website and club membership flyers. This is what was on the web as of 13/05/2015.


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