ABL Fantasy Week 1 – results

After Week 1 of the Fantasy Comp we have Royboys, Gabsters and TeamDiscoveryChannel at the top of the ladder, but you can throw a blanket over 4th to 7th. I’m still planning to have an overall fantasy winner (ie, whole season of fantasy) and a best average (ie, played at least 4 rounds of fantasy for the best average).

Our best fantasy pitcher was Yasuo Sano of the Melbourne Aces with 25 points.  Now there was a completely unexpected fantasy bargain – I can promise you that he will cost more than 1 point next week!

Our best fantasy batters this week were David Harris and Derrick Loveless, both of Canberra and both with 16 points.

Lots of us struggled with picking players who were actually going to be on the field. With any luck, rosters might be a little easier to come by next week.  Summary team points and team details below the jump.

Next round will be up as soon as rosters are available!

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Assigning fantasy points to players

Batting points:

Hit 1
Run 2
2b 1
3b 2
HR 3
Walk 1
Stolen Base 1
Caught Stealing -2

Can’t count due to data or would have put them in  – errors / passed balls.

Most of the stuff I’m counting adds goes into OPS, so I did a quick check for normality of distribution and grabbed the standard deviation to assign fantasy cost to each player based on a 1-5 scale (same scale Tom used, but I don’t know how he assigned the numbers to begin with). Continue reading


ABL Fantasy League

So, about a month ago, I hit Tom Fee up for the work he’d done on the 2013/14 ABL Fantasy League and he gave it to me! Along with the warning about how much of my life it would take up for nothing of value except maybe Klattsy’s love.

And I’ve taken that warning very seriously.  Because even though I don’t have a lot going on socially, I know how wearying a weekly commitment like this can be, even when it’s only a couple of hours a week.  On the other hand though, I really, really, really want there to be a Fantasy league and I far prefer a weekly pick-a-team than the full-on trading league.   Because I don’t want to be a GM, just a slightly more involved tipster. Continue reading