ABL Fantasy League

So, about a month ago, I hit Tom Fee up for the work he’d done on the 2013/14 ABL Fantasy League and he gave it to me! Along with the warning about how much of my life it would take up for nothing of value except maybe Klattsy’s love.

And I’ve taken that warning very seriously.  Because even though I don’t have a lot going on socially, I know how wearying a weekly commitment like this can be, even when it’s only a couple of hours a week.  On the other hand though, I really, really, really want there to be a Fantasy league and I far prefer a weekly pick-a-team than the full-on trading league.   Because I don’t want to be a GM, just a slightly more involved tipster.

What I should have done in the meantime[1] was speak to Dan at MyKBO, whose Fantasy League works on the pick-a-team basis, but has solved the keeping Fantasy owners under budget problem that we have while using Google Forms.  I’m worried that his answer will essentially be to build a full-on website like he’s done, so maybe it’s OK that I haven’t followed that up.

What I have done is attempted to use my extremely poor R skills to try and build a set of commands to make the whole process of assigning player points against the budget, player picks, to player fantasy scores to fantasy team scores more automated.  I can tell you that I have not succeeded in building anything faster than the set of Excel spreadsheets Tom originally gifted me with.  But it was fun!  In the kind of infuriating way that falling down and failing repeatedly is always fun.

So at this point, I’m intending to run a fairly standard set of points for walks, total bases and runs.  I’m probably also going to use stolen bases (‘cos I like stolen bases!) and caught stealing (because I don’t like getting caught stealing).  I’m probably not going to use RBI unless someone gives me a really good reason to do so.  I know we usually work on wins and losses for pitchers, but I’m really leaning towards scoring on some combination of homeruns, walks, HBP and strikeouts, because that’s pretty much what’s in FIP.  So it’s just a matter of ensuring that the sum of the pitchers’ contribution to the fantasy team is roughly equivalent to the sum of the position players’ contribution to the fantasy team.

So, from here, I’ll try and figure out what the rosters are likely to be and open it up for fantasy team selection in a week or so.  And start telling people that I’m serious about it and it’s happening.

See you for first pitch in Canberra J

[1] but didn’t because I was totally focussed on my first proper unsupported multi-day hike prep.  And then, you know, it was about 38 degrees on exposed hillsides and I had the kind of fun that you have when you’re accomplishing long-held goals but also really want to stop now because this is no fun at all and you’re getting burned through sunscreen and quite possibly your kidneys have stopped working and your nearest bug out point is still 12km away.


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