Jamsil Stadium – LG Twins

My baseball craving was only very slightly sated by an emergency trip to Daejeon to see the Hanwha Eagles on Saturday 15th April, but that trip was rushed. Very rushed. So I didn’t have time to have much of a wander around what looks to be a very nice stadium.

I made sure I had plenty of time for wandering when I headed into Jamsil Stadium in Seoul for a Saturday spring training game – KIA Tigers at LG Twins.  It’s a rather tedious and uncomfortable 2 hours on a very average sort of a bus from Jecheon to Dong Seoul (East Seoul) bus station.  Once there though, it’s very, very easy to walk across the road from the bus station to Gangbyeon metro station and from there onto the correct train to the Sports Complex Metro station, which has an exit right next to Jamsil Stadium.  It’s about as difficult as getting to Citi Field or Wrigley Field. Continue reading